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The Psalms of David

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Due to the Kabbalistic laws, each of the 150 psalms is perceived, by the ancient, as a Miracle of God. As a result, singing the Psalm is not enough to receive the grace of God. It is also necessary to bring it something exclusive in order to be aligned with the Eternity...

The oldest Psalms were created about 3000 years ago! The King David, dancing and singing for God, is considered as the father of theirs. The Psalms, a prayer of jewish believer, express all the human emotions before God. They are the prayers of praise and supplication. And since then, every single minute, somewhere in the world a Psalm is recited. Thus, for centuries and centuries, constant praise and its miraculous supplications are being realized.

“Lord, I cry unto thee: make haste unto me; give ear unto my voice, when I cry unto thee. Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense ” (Ps 141: 1-2). Since ancient times people have wanted to get in touch with God and the Psalms are the best way to make it.

Over time, classification and recitation methods were established. For example, during the liturgy Universal Catholic Church use 147 psalms of 150 from The Bible. So for every office the psalms are the body of a Chirch prayer, the essential of the liturgy of the hours.

But let's leave aside how the First Christians has been using the Psalms with marvelous forces. This method is less conventional than the Liturgy of the Hours but it was strongly inspired by the Jewish traditions, so it is good for rites and rituals in our case. Due to Kabbalistic laws, every of 150 psalms is believed to be by the ancient as a Miracle of God. Singing the Psalm is not enough to get grace of God, you would also need some “extras” which will give you a possibility to be in contact with the Eternity.

Follow the Miracles of God by clicking on the Psalms from the list below or refer to the end of this list for further advices.

Recite Psalms in a group.

It's not about making a rite of a Psalm because it's a Psalm itself becomes a rite. Mini group (maximum 9 people) consisting of friends, relatives or even people who are less close. The main link may also consist of two or three persons who will be joined by others from time to time. Such a meetings can be very effective to solve different problems or overcome challenges: the talking about it to other members, with the lightning of Holy Spirit wich breaths through a Psalm, often can give a solution for a problem or relativize them. A small group may meet on Sundays or on days of spiritual importance, in an atmosphere conducive to meditation (Icons, incense, candles …).

The meeting always starts with a snack (lunch or dinner, or as an opportunity to taste a dish). After a shared meal comes time of a spiritual one. Every member of group presents his actual problem in order to find a corresponding Psalm (from the list above). Then someone should read a Psalm aloud and others read it in silence one or two times in order to think over the Holy Writings. After meditation the group members discuss what they don’t understand or think important. In this open discussion everyone can give his opinion or a vision based on their own experience. Don't be scared of silence in a meeting because it doesn’t mean that it’s over. It’s time when the Biblical Words start to resonate deep within us. After a while, it's time read aloud A Psalm but all together this time. Aftewards you can read another Psalm. The ritual is over when a master of meeting blows out candles. .

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