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The novelties of the spiritual shop of the

Here are the novelties of the Spiritual Shop of the ciels. 
For a wider choice of Christian spiritual items visit the shop where you can find all the items of your Archangel protector, incense, candles, pentacles, icons…"

CIELS : The Online Education Centre of Spiritual Language

This site tends to rejoin christians with the origins of their faith

The aim of CIELS is to inform a wide audience about God's will through esoteric knowledge of Divine laws by using the rules of Judeo-Christian Kabbalah. 

The wish of CIELS is to circulate the prayers, the rites and rituals that can solve people's problems. 

The final purpose is to facilitate the relationship between Celestial Archangels and all the creatures of the Earth.

The advices of spiritual boutique ciels.frthe advices of Spiritual Boutique

Here is a selection of our most popular products.
For a wider choice of Christian spiritual items visit the shop where you can find all the items of your Archangel protector, incense, candles, pentacles, icons…"

Who is your Archangel protector?

qui est votre archange 2012 50 moyen

You can calculate who your Archangel protector is with your birth date and a christian name. There are a myriad of angels… Everyone has a Guardian Angel and his name is a spiritual reflection of our names. On C.I.E.L.S. we actually make reference to ten Angels which are Archangels, ,

Calendar of Angels

calendrier des anges 2012 28 moyen

Since the Great Science of Egypt the spiritual have always known that every hour of a day was governed by an Archangel. During a short period of 40 minutes, his power increases and his spiritual actions become phenomenal. To get in touch with an Archangel or to pray and make a Rituals you should,

MEHAEL: the Angel of 2014

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Every December, the Archangels have "The Grand Council". They decide which of them would be the chosen one to harmonize fate of humans. In 2014, it is MEHAEL... Be aware that the Angel of this Year can help you to realize three of your dearest wishes for 2014 !

Angels' Vulnerable Periods

Periodes vulnerables 2012 36 moyen

During the Vulnerable Months of an Angel, his protégés are more exposed to a harmful forces. They become weak spiritually. This is why practice of three spiritual traditions is advised: during these months, use the Baths of Serenity, Soap of Serenity and the Ritual Oil of the Angel of the Year.

Offices of the Angels

offices des anges 2012 116 Affichage Web moyen

Ask your Angel for help and protection! With regards to many letters of yours we can see that you wish to have more thanksgiving prayers for you or your entourage. In fact, we admit that many people don't have the time to pray regularly. This is why we...

The Spiritual Traditions

pere eternel 2010 76 moyen

To use the Ritual Salt of Archangel protector, to fulfill a liturgy of an Angel, to use the Pentacles and Candles, to make a prayer, to conduct the rituals, to use the Holy salt, to recite the Psalms, to consecrate ritual products... This is some of spiritual traditions of the Early Christians.

The Rituals of CIELS

Rituels 2011 108 moyen

In this part you will find christian rituals which come from Faith's origins. We don't know which way to go and how to solve problems that surround us in this world without any meaning. Fortunately, the rituals are marks that give meaning to our Christian existence

The Prayers of CIELS

Prieres du ciels 2011 118 moyen

In this part you will find the effective prayers for every sphere in your daily life! "A small but always persistent discipline is a great force; for a soft drop falling persistently, hollows out hard rock." St. Isaac of Syria...

The Psalms of David

psaumes de david 2012 p51

Due to the Kabbalistic laws, each of the 150 psalms is perceived, by the ancient, as a Miracle of God. As a result, singing the Psalm is not enough to receive the grace of God. It is also necessary to bring it something exclusive in order to be aligned with the Eternity...

Problems and Solutions

pere eternel 2010 76 moyen

We have a solution for every case: how to find and keep love, to prevent relational problems, to protect a family, to earn and keep money, to get professional success, against malefice, for studies, exams, memory, chance...

The Spiritual Guidance

Prieres du ciels 2011 118 moyen

In this part we will gradually integrate different items that can help you in your spiritual and daily life... Here are some advisable topics: Four rules to follow to get a result from a ritual or seeking a pardon, how to exorcise a body demon, how to exorcise a soul, to safe your job: ten rules...

Your archangel is:

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Parfum du Divin Enfant

Et Jésus dit : Laissez les petits enfants, et ne les empêchez pas de venir à moi; car le royaume des cieux est pour ceux qui leur ressemblent. Matthieu 19:14.

Pour vous protéger à tout âge ou pour faire un cadeau, pensez à notre nouveau parfum : Protection des nouveaux nées, contre le racket, les violences scolaires, participe à remettre les ados dans le droit chemin, pour retrouver son esprit d'enfance ou lorsque le moral baisse...

Voyez comment !

Lumière sur... un psaume

Il arrive souvent qu’un membre d’une famille mal intentionné essaye de déstabiliser la cellule familiale, par jalousie ou plus simplement par méchanceté. Elle « monte » tout le monde les uns contre les autres, détourne la crédibilité d’un des membres… Pour se protéger des agissements de cette personne et pour la démasquer aux yeux des autres membres de la famille, le Psaume 5 est efficace. 
Ne vous laissez pas faire !

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Lumière sur... un rituel

dgagement IMG 0674 Affichage Web moyen

Le rituel du Dégagement

Ce rituel de Haute théurgie participe à renverser toutes sortes de pièges démoniaques ou oeuvres maléfiques en permettant de détruire la magie noire et la sorcellerie proférées contre vous.

Eliminez le "noir" et les déveines qui vous collent à la peau et récupérez la part que Dieu vous a réservée.

Quittez l'ombre pour la Lumière !

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La Prière Secrète à Saint Nicolas

Protection des femmes enceintes et protection des enfants...

Nos parchemins sont déjà chargés en puissantes ondes spirituelles si bien qu'ils sont utilisables immédiatement. Utilisation très simple pour des demandes de grâces dans votre vie quotidienne.

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