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Angelic clearance ritual

Rite du Dégagement
Rite du DégagementRite du Dégagement
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This ritual of High Theurgy destroys all the kinds of the demonic traps and casts off evil the spells which have been put on you. 

When you are unlucky all round eliminate the "darkness" and take place that God has reserved for you.

Come out from darkness towards light!

God, in his infinite mercy awards us with joy and love that we deserve. Everyone has a right to be happy! But the palm of success and a crown of happiness can be stolen. So while we are in darkness, there is someone who benefits from our "stolen" happiness and fortune.

Of course to be happy and lucky all the time is impossible because God knows when it should happen! There is no need to be a wise Kabbalist to know that our earthly life has lots of cycles... But when something's going wrong, it can be Divine Clock that has been disturbed by visible and invisible enemys! We are plagued by misfortune, failures and torments. So we have to help ourselves somehow. For example, you should know that if you have nine consecutive years of bad luck in one domain (love, money, health, work...) it's all because of involution (infernal legions).

How to recognize black magic?

These spells are characterized by various symptoms - such as mental, emotional, physical and material. In general it depends on power of sorcerer and your capacity to resist it. But in a psychological point of view there can be signs of excessive nervousness, it cultivates a sense of persecution and lack of well-being. in a physical way there can be strong headache or pain in lower abdomen. in a material sense bewitched loses things he is attached to, business goes wrong... Despite the rites and prayers nothing can change the situation and faith is gone.

How to practice Angelic clearance ritual?

We must take up "arms" to defend ourselves against black magic and to find the opportunity of grace that the Lord has reserved for us!

And the Christian traditions can help us to do it. With the power of Mébaël you will be able to fulfil the Angelic clearance ritual. Mébaël push away the evil powers that can hurt you and cause a lot of problems by his fighting force. In fact, he destroys all that God commands him to. With his vengeful sword, he will destroy the demonic emanations of ten orders that block your Divine destiny. To do this, you will need to fulfill the Ritual Purification.

In a necessary case, this ritual can be done at any time of the year. For an everyday life throughout protection you should perform "Novena for clearance" every December.

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