Ritual of Pope Sylvester

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Protection against hate spells. Simple ritual to perform on December 25 every year.

This rite is also called the "Elder Ritual". It affords protection against casters of spells who officiate during the Christmas period. Renew this millenary tradition which will protect you throughout the new year.
At best we can imagine the adepts of the devil, the sorcerers, the magi of darkness and other fiends turning over the cross and the pentagram to sign the feasts of Christian liturgy by desecrating them more than atrociously. But it is more than difficult to imagine that the most luminous of these feasts, Christmas, the symbolic occasion for the joy of children and family celebrations, could be the object of devilish practices.

This rite must be performed for December 25.
And yet this is how it is, not merely in the farthest traditions of the centuries gone by but even today. Christmas is effectively a specifically Christian feast, arbitrarily established at that date to celebrate the birth of the Saviour and not to cover over with legitimacy an ancient idolatrous solemnity. But strange and sometimes terrible traditions do however subsist, giving rise to black magic practices which most certainly continue to exist during this religious vigil to which Christians from all over the world attach the utmost importance.

Worshippers of evil devote the night of Christmas to casting their spells of hate aimed at causing death or dreadful torments. For instance, in order to carry out these odious spells, the notebook of a sorcerer living at the
beginning of the century in the Berry region of France states that one had to take a cat and starve it for nine days. Then one had had to steal some consecrated hosts from the tabernacle of a church and some holy water. The starved cat, driven mad with hunger, is buried alive at a crossroads on Christmas night, if possible at the precise moment of elevation during the first midnight mass. The hosts are buried with the cat and the sorcerer spits seven times while pronouncing the ordinary formula for spells. Thus the spell is guaranteed and the designated victim will consequently suffer horribly for nine days and give up the ghost at the end of this period.

Nowadays things are somewhat different and these goetic midnight masses are far from the ceremony celebrated by Satanist s during the year. The perfumes used on this occasion are not the same and the talismans placed on the sacrificial woman-altar have been subjected to specific invocations. The customary orisons are replaced by ultra-secret incantations destined, inter alia, to produce hate spells.

It is simple to protect yourself from these odious practices. All you need to do is carry out Pope Sylvester's Ritual. This merely consists in a piece of the elder-tree cut at midnight at the time of the full moon and Pope Sylvester's prayer. The instructions, very easy to follow, will be provided with these two items. In this way any hate spells cast on you will be annulled.

Pope Sylvester, also known by the name Gerbert, was pope in the year 1000. He created the famous Christmas Prayer to ease the anguish of the people at the advent of the first millennium and defeat the dark forces aiming at destroying the world.

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