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Sehaltiel means "Knowledge of God" in Hebrew. This Archangel knows the divine secrets. He is the master of theology, it is he who knows why God created the world and beings. He has the answers to all the questions...

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Handy, helpful and modest ! Since the 12th century the angels rosaries, called dozens, have been attested. With them your prayer is more effective because they are associated with the angels conjurations...


Wearing medal or a pendant can serve as a substitute for Archangel Rosmary. Thus, we honor a Divine Protector in a modest manner, without any show of it, in order to be protected and he may always help us.


Each rosary is shipped with a detailed information book including prayers and invocations. It also contains the information how to fulfil Perpetual Adoration Ritual to get grace of Archangel Protector in order to accomplish more successes in various fields: health, wealth, work, money, winning, family peace, love, talents and gifts, maternity, peace the world, exorcism...

Rosaries are made up of Vibrational Stones for every Archangel.

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35,12 € each

Ancient icon of SEHALTIEL

The wooden reproductions of Archangels Protectors.

22,07 € each

Pentacle of SEHALTIEL, already sanctified

Whoever your  Angel protector is, you can use this pentacle for  getting supreme knowlegde and to solve all the problems you have... This Pentacle has been already sanctified by us so it is immediately usable because it was charged with power of ethereal and spiritual waves. You can choose an illustrative notice in French or English !

6,02 € each

SEHALTIEL Wax Candle (Color: Sky Blue)

Wax Candles have always been the link between the real world and the celestial world. Their flame was always considered as a symbol of soul, purification and love of God. The flame of Archangel Wax Candles is like a mark or the light of a lighthouse...

11,04 € each
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The Perfume of SEHALTIEL, Jasmin fragrance

Here is the perfume of Sehaltiel to celebrate his honor or to fulfil some Rituals. This Eau de Parfum guarantees a connection with your Divine Angels at any time.

15,05 € each
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Bath and Shower Gel, Archangel SEHALTIEL

Fragrant and coloured bath shower gel with vibratory property of Sehaltiel. Bath and shower liquid for purification in honour of your Archangel protector. Also this spiritual product gives you a protection of the Angel of current year. You will be in “spiritual shell” which will protect you against all the kinds of attack… It can purify a body entirely… This shower gel will be a good substitute for Serenity Soap and especially Serenity Bath because there won't be need in bath any more! Just a shower will be enough !

9,13 € each

SEHALTIEL Serenity Bath (Fragrance: Jasmine)

With this ablution we can immerse our body in the angelic waves. in fact, communicating with your Angel will be much better and it gives you a perfect protection against evil forces. So use this purifying and protective bath ritual !

51,77 € each

Conversations with SEHALTIEL

This box contains the necessary material to fulfill the Liturgy for your Archangel Protector. With this simple method of devotion, your prayers will be heard.

25,08 € each

Vibrational Pendant of SEHALTIEL

This item is delivered with an explanatory booklet that the protégés of Archangel could use this angelic accessory properly. Height of the stone 10 to 20 mm.

15,05 € each

Pentacle of BARACHIEL

Whoever your Angel protector is, you can use this pentacle for being lucky in everything you do... 

8,73 € each
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SEHALTIEL Serenity Soap

There are many ways to communicate with our angel, to make him affect on our destiny. One of these ways is to use his Serenity Soap.

39,73 € each
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Emblematic Medal of SEHALTIEL

These medals of Archangels are made entirely by hand. Each one is a unique model.

9,13 € each

Ritual Oil of SEHALTIEL

For your prayers, rites and rituals you can use an unction oil corresponding to your Archangel. Also you can appeal to the powers of angel which domains in other spheres.

9,13 € each

Antique invocation Parchment of SEHALTIEL

The invocations are written on a parchment-like paper. These ancient invocation parchments were properly prepared and made with Traditional Customs. That is why they are immediately ready for use.

6,00 € each
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Vibrational Incense of SEHALTIEL

Ten different incenses for all kinds of celebrations and ceremonies dedicated to the Archangels.

9,03 € each


Whoever your Angel is, with this salt you can appease physical suffering or increase the power of your talent.

You can do that if Gabriel is your Archangel Protector as well...

15,05 € each

Vibrational stones of SEHALTIEL

According to the Theurgical tradition of Judeo-Christian Kabbalah every angel has a mineral symbol. This is why we can use the power of the stones to fulfill the rituals. These stones may be used for different purposes. You can use them to fulfill Liturgy dedicated to your Angel.

31,10 € each
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Vibrational Pendant of SEHALTIEL

This item is delivered with an explanatory booklet that the protégés of Archangel could use this angelic accessory properly. Height: approx 30 mm.

30,10 € each

Vibrational Pendant of SEHALTIEL

This item is delivered with an explanatory booklet that the protégés of Archangel could use this angelic accessory properly.

1,00 € each
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Parfum du Divin Enfant

Et Jésus dit : Laissez les petits enfants, et ne les empêchez pas de venir à moi; car le royaume des cieux est pour ceux qui leur ressemblent. Matthieu 19:14.

Pour vous protéger à tout âge ou pour faire un cadeau, pensez à notre nouveau parfum : Protection des nouveaux nées, contre le racket, les violences scolaires, participe à remettre les ados dans le droit chemin, pour retrouver son esprit d'enfance ou lorsque le moral baisse...

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Il arrive souvent qu’un membre d’une famille mal intentionné essaye de déstabiliser la cellule familiale, par jalousie ou plus simplement par méchanceté. Elle « monte » tout le monde les uns contre les autres, détourne la crédibilité d’un des membres… Pour se protéger des agissements de cette personne et pour la démasquer aux yeux des autres membres de la famille, le Psaume 5 est efficace. 
Ne vous laissez pas faire !

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dgagement IMG 0674 Affichage Web moyen

Le rituel du Dégagement

Ce rituel de Haute théurgie participe à renverser toutes sortes de pièges démoniaques ou oeuvres maléfiques en permettant de détruire la magie noire et la sorcellerie proférées contre vous.

Eliminez le "noir" et les déveines qui vous collent à la peau et récupérez la part que Dieu vous a réservée.

Quittez l'ombre pour la Lumière !

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La Prière Secrète à Saint Nicolas

Protection des femmes enceintes et protection des enfants...

Nos parchemins sont déjà chargés en puissantes ondes spirituelles si bien qu'ils sont utilisables immédiatement. Utilisation très simple pour des demandes de grâces dans votre vie quotidienne.

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